As of January 1, 2019, Aero-Space Southwest is now Bossard. We will continue to provide the same products and services you already know from us, as well as new offerings to help better serve your needs.

While this is a change in our name, it is not a change in our people. You will continue to work with the same people you already rely on.

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Clean Room Fasteners

Experienced in clean room applications

Clean Room applications include Medical Devices, Robotics & Vacuum environments where machining and particle contamination needs to be controlled. If you require clean room assembly, Bossard has a solution to meet your specifications.

We offer the following options:

Vapor Degreasing: Uses solvents in vapor form to clean parts and prepare them for additional processes.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Parts are immersed in an aqueous media and are subjected to high-frequency sound waves to remove contaminants.

Pickling / Acid-Etching: Chemical removal of oxides using acid or other base.

Passivation: The process of treating or coating a metal in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface.

Electro Polishing: Involves immersing parts is an acid solution and then running an electrical current through them (via a fixture) which removes material from the outside of the part.