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Southco Quick Access Solutions: DZUS®

November 1, 2018



Southco offers a wide variety of quick access hardware solutions to meet the needs of a variety of applications. DZUS® Quick access fasteners come in a variety of types and materials to best fit your design including: quart-turn to close and open, push to close, quarter turn to open and pull to open.

When picking the correct quick access hardware, it is important to take material thickness, tensile load and cycle life into considerations for optimal results. It is important to consider Total Material Thickness (TMT) to determine stud length. To calculate TMT, formulas can be found on the Southco website.

Benefits include:
Eliminates lost hardware
Quick Access to saves time
Fasteners fits a variety of applications
Quick Access fasteners cannot be over tightened and has consistent engagement

Captive Panel installation
Proven Cam and receptacle Design
Repeatable function with set amount of fastening force.


For more information on Dzus® Quick Access fastening solutions: